7th Wonder of the World

If you haven’t heard by now, you should check the news, because our very own Futura has made it to the top 10 race horses in the world.


Our Twitter handle (@crawfordracing) has been going mad with tweets and retweets all day, with racing associates from around the world commenting on how South-African-born Futura is now ranked #7

Futura winning the J&B Met this year in January

Futura winning the J&B Met this year in January


We would like to thank owners Jack and Nancy Mitchell, Ian Longmore and John Freeman for putting their unwavering faith in us.


Brett commented, ” Futura is an unbelievable horse. I have never questioned his abilities: he is always calm and collected, and never gives anyone any reason to doubt him before a race. It’s the recognition he deserves”

Feel free to follow the link for who else is in the top 10: http://www.sportingpost.co.za/2015/03/met-winner-in-world-rankings/


So what happens, now that he is top 10? I guess you’ll have to wait and see…

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