Crawford Racing moves to a new yard

Crawford Racing has recently moved into a new yard at the Phillipi Training Centre.


Originally dividing the string up between several stabling areas, the new yard boasts 60 boxes, a big feedroom, storage facility and bigger offices. Brett had this to say, ” I am very happy and excited to have the majority of our horses in one central location. The stables in the new yard are big, spacious and we are much happier here.”


new yard

The New Yard – Exciting times ahead.


One of Crawford Racing’s original yards will be kept to house new arrivals. “From a work perspective, having all of our horses in one central location makes things much easier and we can be more efficient. I am happy to report that all the horses have settled into their new surroundings and it is all systems go for Crawford Racing. ” reported Brett.


Early morning work at PHILLIPI


What clients can expect to see at the training centre


Another major improvement that comes with the new yard, is its client friendliness. Brett takes up the story , ” Our previous yards and offices were not really client friendly. The new yard is very warm and welcoming. Crawford Racing is very excited about this and  I am looking forward to inviting my client’s too come and visit the stables in the not to distant future.”

Any existing or potential client’s are welcome to contact Crawford Racing and set up a time to come and view the new yard. We look forward to having you.




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