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Crawford Racing installs state of the art treadmill

Brett Crawford is really excited to announce that a state of the art treadmill has been installed at the main yard in Phillipi. It is now fully operational and already proving its worth as a vital additional resource.

“I’ve always wanted to have this as a training aid – the unit definitely has an important place as part of a modern training program, “

Brett revealed.

Phillipi has long enjoyed a reputation as being a fine environment to get horses into peak shape, due to the quality of the deep sand tracks. But, the variable weather and other unforeseen maintenance factors can play havoc with the best laid plans and intentions. In addition, the lack of regular grass gallops has compounded the challenge for horseman trying to get their runners absolutely primed.

Hence the decision to invest in this prized new technology, located immediately adjacent to the stabling complex. Explaining some of the treadmills’ primary advantages, Brett continued “Particularly for unsound horses, we can now work them on a totally reliable surface that does not change at all from day to day. The treadmill is also of major benefit for horses going through rehabilitation after muscle injuries.”

Using a mechanical aid like a treadmill enables Brett to precisely control work outs and accurately measure each horses’ physiological progress. In a highly competitive racing environment, Brett is constantly trying to up his game – striving to do the very best with valuable bloodstock that loyal patrons have entrusted into his care.

Achieving the delicate balance of giving horses the maximum amount of work with the minimum degree of stress is key to sharp conditioning. The new unit will help towards achieving this goal, with Brett predicting confidently, “This treadmill will be a big asset to the yard.”

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